Good Evening Everyone I’m Back

Thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing me the opportunity to stop back here on my prophetic integrity post to let you know that there are more morning afternoon and evening cups to come thanks to all of the people who supported this blog, because when you read each and every story it was meant to bring faith hope and inspiration so get ready for more…God Bless You


More Exciting News To Come….

Someone once penned a song called be patient with me God is not through with me yet and that to me is a inspiring word to us all, now I love being an entrepreneur and in some of my many ventures I try to make sure that I encourage someone with a word from God or I try to just say something positive to brighten their day.

Now to all of the fans who loved reading “The Morning, Afternoon, and the Evening Cup Series, I put all of the stories that you have read on my Prophetic Integrity Blog in a book called “Wisdom is my Sister”, and the second book is called “Understanding is my Cousin” and it is available through I have also written a book called Undeniable Standards for Women in Ministry, its a handbook guide for women in ministry and for those who feel as if they have a call of God on their life in the ministry.

Wisdom Notes: Now I want to share this with you, always follow your heart and your dreams, and never wait for anyone to bring you into their success, “Gods Promotion is better than Man’s Commotion” and for the record, I never waited on anyone to bring success to me I always waited on God, and if you do what Gods Word tells you to do, you will have good success.

Note to Future Writers: If you love to write books, or poetry, or you know in your heart that God has given you a word to bring encouragement to someone’s life, Go to and they will guide you through the self publishing process, and while you have to do your own marketing, you will have a book in print that you can sell and give to others. Now for those who have the money they can also give you what you need at cost…I am an eight time self published author, and so I am sharing this wisdom with you how you can write your first book, or one of many books, God Bless You!!!  

I have also started a group here in Georgia called the Georgia God Chasers our website is and to those who want to know a little more about it well its a Bible Study Group that will be open to everyone not just those in Georgia, but to all who want to truly understand how to grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

And if you are interested in watching I will be live tomorrow June 18th 2014, at 5pm until 6pm, and I will be on Livestream on Sundays 7:00 AM until 7:30, now its online of course and it is informal so you don’t have to dress up to attend (smile), and you know what I like about this Bible Study Group? The Spirit of God will be present. And I hope that you will be too.

Now this Bible Class will have no hollering and screaming, and even though at times when I feel the presence of God very strong, I’m being prepared for television broadcasts, and various platforms, so temperance is important plus its one of the fruits of the spirit, and believe me there is a time and a place to run, jump, and shout, but there are various platforms that God will put you on that you cannot do that, because its an interview, or round table. Now the great thing about the word of the Lord is it gets good to you and when the presence of God comes in it is awesome and yes it will change your life.

The Reason For Bible Class: I am doing what I do because this is what I am called to do, and long gone are the days of show-offs, and who got next, or who is prevalent, and who is relevant, for nobody has cornered the market of Gods anointing. The Gospel Vineyard is not a place for people trying to be wonderful, this is the 21st century and its all about “IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE” excuse the caps on… but its the truth and somebody has to just take a stand and do what God tells them to do without fear or compromise but with the anointing, and wisdom and intelligence and of course humility.

And remember Gods word is not bound and neither are you, so its time to get the deliverance that you need now if you are not busy stop by The Georgia God Chasers on Livestream every Wednesday Live at 5PM, and The Georgia God Chasers every Sunday Live at 7:00am on USTREAM See You There….



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Psalms 46:1 Be Still


The Merriam-Websters dictionary defines the word be as: “a word used to indicate the identity of a person or thing” now the word still defined means: “still as not moving, or making a sound, and another definition is deep silence, calm, stillness, motionless, unmoving, immobile, silent”. (2014, Merriam-Webster)

So the message that the Lord wants people to realize when they read this chapter is that God is in control of every situation and circumstances, and instead of you trying to worry about how your problems or worries will be solved just be still.

Now Let’s put these two definitions together: The word Be identifies you as the individual or the identity of someone that God just wants to be still, now of course God does not want you to physically be still and stand in one place, he just wants you to be at peace from worry and frustration and know that he is God.

Meaning: God was here way before we was, and he not only founded the seas, but Genesis 1:1 (KJV) says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and when tests and trials come your way, you must realize first of all, that he knows that you cannot handle it, and why I ask you would you take it upon yourself to think that you can solve some of life’s most difficult problems without the help of an almighty God?

The Scripture declares in Jeremiah 3:33 (KJV) call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not. Now think about this if you are constantly losing sleep and worrying how could you be still?

If you are pacing the floor walking the floor all night trying to borrow when God said you are the lender and not the borrower how are you putting your trust in him? The Bible declares in Psalms 46:2 (KJV) therefore will not we fear though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried in the midst of the sea.

That means I don’t care if the whole earth is crumbling and falling down all around you in the natural sense like earthquakes, sink holes or any other type of disasters or catastrophes God said fear not he’s got you.

And in the spiritual sense; if you trust in the Lord as Psalms 3-5-6 (KJV) says with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge God, and he will not no one else God will direct your paths. Can I say this, sometimes we put our trust in others to help us and when we do we get the biggest let down of our lives so that is why it is important to trust in the Lord.

Here is another Scripture Truth and that comes from Micah 7:5-7 (KJV) it says Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom for the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law, a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.

Now the seventh verse is how you should be thinking it says Therefore I will (that’s you) look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me. And now here is one for the road it comes in the eighth verse when it says Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me..

That means yes there are going to be some people or friends of yours who think you are crazy or have lost your mind because you did not listen to them or take their advice, but when they get to the point that they are talking about you in the most cruel way, or calling you names, or laughing at your so called downfall. listen when that happens remember to start giving God thanks and yes let those praises to God with the fruit of your lips, offer sacrifices of joy and praise to God. And Don’t forget to magnify God with the joy in your heart with thanksgiving, that says to your enemies or friendofme’s “he who laughs last best which means when a person does something to humiliate you, the tables may turn at the end and you will be in control of the situation”. (2014,

Now of course you don’t have to exact vengeance on people when they laugh at you, because God says vengeance is mine the lord will repay Romans 12:9 (KJV)

And for the record friendofme’s will come, and yes enemies may go, to but if God Romans 8:31 (KJV) says be for you he is more than the whole world against you. And can I say this never and I mean ever despise the day of small beginnings that means sometimes that sometimes things that may look small to you, are big In the eyes of God, meaning he sees the road to your destiny and he knows that your small beginnings Zechariah 4:10 (KJV) Why? because humble beginnings are like a seed that is planted and we all know that a seed planted should be watered and given the best sunlight because it will grow and so will you, into the full bloom God knows that you will be.

And hear this don’t knock the tests and trials of life because they only come to make you strong and instead of getting mad when things don’t go your way look at the lesson to be learned in those tests and let it be you that says to a test and a trial you know what I can conquer this test and this trial why? Because I have the favor of God over my life.

Last but not least for every problem there is a solution, and well with problems many of them are magnified to frustrate you and make you complain, but in the eyes of God he sees the champion he made you to be, and when you stand up with the courage and the measure of faith you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you Philippians 4:13 (KJV) so just trust in the Lord, and know that you are in Gods hand and master plan and when you are in the hands of a great and wise creator who can pluck you out of it? Noone Be Blessed amen

All Scriptures: KJV Version of the Holy Bible
Credits (c)2014 “He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best Meaning”

Websters Dictionary Defined Words “Be, Still” defined (c)2014 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

Good Evening

I’m back and refreshed, I had to take a little time out and do editing for the three books I have coming out soon and so stay tuned for more announcements and pictures coming soon…

Tonight I have a fresh dose of Gods word for everyone( Group Session) and to all who enjoys reading the blogs, The Morning Afternoon and Evening Cup is back so stay tuned, this time of course there will be cliffhangers adventures in each of the series. 

 I promise the short stories will keep you on the edge of your seat, and oh yeah the stories will twist, turn, and freeze, then restart…and well this time you are going to have to figure out what happened with a what would Jesus do? no clues…but each of the stories will have that dose of the word of God that you need to help you get through the day.

 And as always I always give (not make) people the opportunity to accept the Lord as their personal savior, but overall I am glad you are stopping by and telling your friends or relatives about how much you are enjoying these blogs, because all of the stories you have seen and will see will be available soon at a store near you.

  hopefully soon I will get a chance to do more book signings soon, so bear with me, and of course look for more of the Morning Cup, and Afternoon Cup, and Evening Cup, and Group Session  because they are on The Way, sometimes back to back chapter by chapter… And guess what I am even throwing in the A” Short Sunday School Stories for children available in stores near you soon 

The Afternoon Cup Exclusive- Jesus Loves Me updated version

Mommy help me little Laura doesn’t look good what’s wrong Marilyn I don’t know I’m at the hospital, oh my gosh me and Pappa are on the way okay mom hurry Marilyn knows what’s wrong but she can’t tell them just yet…Marilyn is whisked to triage with Little Laura, the nurses and doctors are working on her to save her life.

what happened? I put her down on the floor and I said sit right here Laura, I have to go to the bathroom, I mean I can see her from the bathroom, I closed the door just briefly because I had to get up from the toilet, and to wash my hands and just that fast she crawled into the kitchen and when I came out the bathroom she had the antifreeze container in her mouth…

why would you leave it in the house and not in your garage I don’t have a garage and it was way in the back of the cabinet like how could this happen to me. The medical secretary came to the back trying to get medical information but Marilyn was so upset she couldn’t talk I have to call her dad he’s in the service oh my gosh what am I going to do pray the nurse said pray….

Little Laura was laying there looking a grayish blue, while the medical team of five doctors and nurses were working to save her life…mam how much was in the container it was a little bit..very little..was it more than a tablespoon or a couple of tablespoons more than a couple of tablespoons but not a cup.. I’m sure of it because I used most of it and when did you purchase it YESTERDAY…Marilyn screamed loudly why are you questioning me…It was cold my car wouldn’t start, the mechanic asked me did I have any antifreeze…I said no…so I went and got it…I usually don’t have to do this my husband’s is in the service…he does all of this…I know you’re upset honey we have to ask you this the nurse said.

The phone rings Marilyn’s husband is on the line.. Honey what’s wrong it’s Little Laura she got in the antifreeze under the cabinet WHAT…Ian screamed..Ian is crying not my baby…whats wrong…Sir..all of a sudden you could hear his buddies trying to console him in the background…my little girl drank antifreeze…oh man…the commanders assistant grabs the phone from Ian, Mam we are putting him on a plane right now… the phone goes dead.

The social worker comes back and asks Marilyn what happened…Marilyn is looking at tubes everywhere in Little Laura’s almost lifeless body… nurses are fighting hard to keep back tears, as this little two year old curly blonde hair, blue eye girl was in critical condition. As doctors continued to question Marilyn, plans were underway for her husband to be flown home immediately thankfully he was a commander so the rush was put in to get him there quickly.

Marilyn’s Mom and Dad came in Dad was wearing his clergy collar as he always does in emergency situation, plus he is the pastor at a local Baptist church… Dad and Mom said everyone is praying Marilyn what happened? Mommy and daddy she drank some antifreeze that was under the cabinet…oh my goodness Marilyn’s Mom said… daddy please help me please…Marilyn screamed…come on baby sit here with your mom…all of a sudden the physician that was working on Little Laura came out of the triage room with tears in his eyes…Marilyn’s Father looked at the doctor…

You have just received The Afternoon Cup…..Wow

Now while we are waiting…Here is a warning that every parent in every city, state, or country, should think about and that is never, and I mean never leave any type of medicine laying around, or alcohol or chemical solvents, in an unlocked cabinet, especially down below in bathroom cabinets where children can reach them, and never ever leave them under kitchen sinks where they have easy access to.. and how many of us as parents know when you have a child three and under that you can’t turn your back on that child for one minute.

Furthermore doctors know all to well what can happen when parents are careless and while Marilyn could’ve left the antifreeze in the trunk of the car she like so many others will leave it in the house to fill it with water, only to use it later, just in case the car runs hot, and while this can happen to any parent, most women whose husbands are in the service will teach their wives how to change a flat tire, and etc..etc..but sometimes accidents like this happen.

Furthermore parents and caretakers, children don’t understand the dangers of antifreeze or any other chemical solvents you keep laying around and when it comes to babies the physician will tell you, the antifreeze tastes sweet, and here you have Little Laura lying at the brink of death..and Little Laura’s grandparents praying for her recovery, while they try to console Her Mom who is crying her eyes out… her Dad who is serving his country is devastated over the news is enroute via plane to the Triage Emergency Room…

The doctor comes to Marilyn’s dad wiping his eyes Marilyn and her mom walk up the doctor said Maam I will speak with you soon, I need to talk to your dad for a that okay yes…come on over here Madilyns Mom said trying to console her daughter

Sir I tried to save your granddaughter, I did everything that I could is she…still alive…Marilyn’s dad said.. what I’m trying to say is I and the other doctors did everything we could to save her…and we couldn’t…but in the course of trying your granddaughter had help…what do you mean Marilyn’s father said???

Sir what I’m trying to say is right before her heart stopped she started singing a song I heard in Sunday School, when I was a little boy her age, called Jesus Love me this I know..And when her heart stopped we worked and worked on her..Marilyn’s dad held his hand to his mouth as if to say oh no…

And uh sir I’m not finished, Marilyn’s father looked puzzled..Sir all I can tell you is this real bright light came in the room and we all stood there and it seemed to hover over Little Laura, Now the light we have on in triage is bright..but this light was brighter than any light we ever seen before..our light couldn’t do this…Sir what I’m trying to tell you is after that light hovered over your granddaughter her heart started beating’s a miracle!!!

Madilyns dad looked at the doctor oh my goodness is she going to be okay..Yes Sir yes…She is…Marilyn’s father hugs the doctor for the record Sir all of us as doctors in this and every hospital all over the world do what we do to save the life of our patients, but when it comes to a child, it hits home because we think that if it were not for the grace of God that could be our child….And Sir there are times when we realize as part of the triage team when God intervenes on behalf of our patients we have to step back and let him do what he does best, and while all cases don’t end this way…Your Granddaughter received a Miracle…Praise God Marilyn’s father said.

As the doctor and Marilyn’s dad walked out of the conference room the nurses were teary eyed yet smiling…when a sound pierced the hallway I want my papa,…I want my was Little Laura can I go see her, sure the doctor said…come on Honey and Marilyn…Papa, Papa, Little Laura hands reached for her grandfather…Hi Little Laura…Pappa I sing Jesus wuv did Madilyns father said to his granddaughter…yes sing it with me Pappa…the nurses and doctors who were in the room helped Little Laura…Along with her grandparents…sing..Yes Jesus Loves me for the Bible tells me soooooooo…

You have just received The Afternoon Cup

And while miracles like these and more happen all over the world remember to keep your children safe by putting those dangerous chemicals out of the reach of your children,

The Prayer of Invitation: Now one of the daily miracles anyone with a willing heart can receive is when you confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead, thou shalt be saved, the Bible says, for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation for the scripture saith whosoever believeth in him shall not be ashamed.

The Prayer of Confession: is if you say Lord Jesus come into my heart and forgive me for all of my sins and  Lord I believe that you died and rose from the dead that I may be saved and Thank You Lord for saving me and Lord Jesus please write my name in your Lamb’s Book of Life Amen…that’s the miracle of salvation that saves you from the penalty and power of sin.

But still yet you must find a church home where you can grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…Amen


Now while this parable truth story and other names cities locations situations or circumstances may be similar to people who you know, the people and situations and circumstances names jobs or locations are purely coincidental…

And until next time you have just received The Afternoon Cup….

*All Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Cups Series, Group Therapy Sessions, and all stories on this blog, and other blogs or social network pages are copyright protected And God assigned to give you that dose of the word of God…..Amen


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The Evening Cup Exclusive- I DO

I can’t get enough of this Apple pie me neither Belinda said…so um are you going to eat the last piece Barry, no I am full I can’t eat no more go ahead…hey can I have the last piece..Carson said where did you come from mommy dropped me off at your house and she said she will be right back..are you serious why didn’t mommy call me..

where’s my cellphone at mommy um…mommy.. um went to church…WENT TO CHURCH..Belinda yelled loudly…yep she went to church with her new boyfriend…New Boyfriend…where did he come from…um Your guess is as good as know what mom got some explaining to do..yeah Carson said!!!

uh do you have ice cream? and can I have some of those chili dogs?? Do you have any sauerkraut? Did you eat at home? no mom said she was going after church…so who is the guy she’s dating…dating…Carson said she’s getting Married ooops I wasn’t supposed to tell you…MARRIED…MARRIED..ARE YOU,SERIOUS…yeah moms says that it’s time for her to settle down and get married and she is talking about going to church every Sunday..

You know this is not like mommy…yeah I know Carson said..she went to a revival last night came home threw away her cigarettes, beer, and liquor…What?? Yeah Carson said mom is serious she said she gave her life too the Lord….

All of a sudden the phone Rings..are you Belinda Carlisle yes sir I am well you are going to need to come to the hospital…whaaa Belinda said uh soon can you get here I’m on the way..Mam I hate to tell you this but…..

You have just received The Evening Cup…..

Apple pie ahhh my favorite with vanilla ice cream, and while chili dogs are great Carson seems to be a little bit to hungry…and telling his mom’s business to his something that makes you say hmmm..

Ok what is really going on Belinda is thinking as tears are streaming down her face as she drives down the street to the hospital and as she turns the corner police sirens start flashing what is this Belinda said..

Mam could you step out the car..Officer did I do something wrong..I’m here to escort you to the scene what scene…Carson had a look on his face of mischief, and Barry sat silently staring into space something is not right…what’s wrong??

Can you step out the car…Belinda is preparing herself for the worse…Barry grabs her hand..Carson says I’m hungry..Right this way…doctors and nurses are standing outside the room the police officer says right this no I can’t go in there..Barry

SURPRISE…Whaaa what is this…The policeman says I am your mother’s pastor, the nurses and doctors here are your mom’s co workers…Mom comes out of the hospitals prayer chapel in a wedding gown and where is the groom mom..he bought you here..are you serious I thought he was the pastor…he Carson why did you lie???

I’m hungry mommy…Carson…said Carson’s Mom said what did you tell your nothing…(trying to act shy) except…i said that you um, you threw out all of your alcohol and cigarettes and you were going to a revival to get saved…or had been saved.. CARSON WHY DID YOU…

Uh Belinda…hah…when Belinda turned around to see if Barry was in on the this too..Barry was down on one knee holding a three carat diamond will you Marry Me??

Oh my gosh you were in on this too Belinda Saud..I should of put two and two together when Carson came over acting like he was hungry and Mom Carson said you were drinking and Smoking…CARSON PHILLIP…Sorry Mom..

My knee is hurting Belinda…hah…uh will yes Barry…well let’s get this show on the road..The Pastor/Policeman said…WAIT, WAIT…CARSON SAID..

Everybody is staring at Carson… can I have some popcorn…everybody says loudly at the same time CARSON PHILLIP…

Oh All right… I’ll wait I’ll wait..everyone laughs…you have just been the special Guest of The Evening Cup..

The Invitation: Romans 10:9:10 if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in thy heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead thou shalt be saved for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation for the scripture saith whosoever believeth in him shall not be ashamed.

The Prayer of Confession: is If you say Lord Jesus come into my heart and forgive me for all of my sins, and if you say Lord Jesus I believe that you died and rose from the dead that I may be saved, and Lord Thank You for saving me and Lord Jesus please write my name in the Lambs Book of Life Amen. You will be saved…Welcome to The Kingdom of God…

And with that acceptance of forgiveness and grace that guarantees your salvation you must find a church home where you can grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen

The people in this parable story situations and circumstances may be similar to people who you know but of course in this parable they are purely coincidental…

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Until next time you have received your evening dose of the Word of God in The Evening Cup…God Bless You

The Blessings of Hope

May your day today be a perfect day 

May your day today be a prosperous day

May your day today be a day of comfort and peace

May your day today be filled with joy and laughter

May your day today bring new beginnings of favor

May your day today be filled with hope for the future 

May your day today be spent calling a family member you haven’t spoken to in a long time

May your day today find you forgiving someone who hurt you and the faith to move on from that hurt

May your day today find you forgetting the past and embracing the future

May your day today find you enjoying a good conversation with friends

May your day today be filled with prayer and great expectations about your possibilities which are endless

I pray that your day today be filled with your abilities to dream big

I pray that you know all things are possible to them that believe

I pray that if you are sick today you will be healed

I pray if you are bound by a habit you can’t kick that you would be free today

I pray that if you don’t have a job or income or home today you will have one tomorrow

I pray if you lost a loved one today or before you will be comforted by the sweet love of Jesus

I pray that today’s possibilities give you an endless purpose

I pray today you enjoy a good meal and I pray today if you have nothing to eat that God will make a way today for you to get food to feed you or your family or someone you know who may be hungry.

I pray that today you won’t be blind to your life’s purpose because you will have a new vision and pathway in which to carry out the life’s purpose that you are chosen to walk in

I pray that you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead for with your heart you believe unto righteousness and with your mouth confession is made unto salvation for the scripture saith whosoever believeth in him shall not be ashamed. Romans 10:9-10

I pray that you can say with true meaning Lord Jesus come into my heart and forgive me for all of my sins Lord Jesus Christ I believe that you died and rose from the dead that I may be saved and Thank You Lord for saving me and Lord Jesus please write my name in your Lamb’s Book of Life Amen.

I pray today you and friends or family members find a Church Home where you can grow in the grace and the knowledge of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen…..

Now May the Blessings of God and the sweet communion of the Holy Ghost, rest, rule, and abide with you forever. And may God’s peace, favor, love, mercy, counsel, and guidance establish your hearts with purpose, and grace.

And may God’s forgiving and abiding love, make you cherish his presence always, and may the same forgiveness God has forgiven you with, you begin to show others daily, so that they too will receive this “Blessing of Hope Amen”

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